Since its establishment in March 2019, Plantebranchen has developed at breakneck speed, so that the association today embraces a broad section of the Danish, plant-based value chain. We represent Denmark’s most progressive and future-oriented companies, which will be at the forefront of the development towards more sustainable food production – and positive interest from producers, politicians and other green organizations testify that Plantebranchen has in a short time established itself as the undisputed mouthpiece for the industry’s commercial interests.

At Plantebranchen, we are proud to be represented in the crucial forums where project support for plant-based foods is discussed, developed and provided. We work purposefully to spotlight our industry and are particularly focused on ensuring that the projects to be developed under the upcoming state fund prioritize market and product development. Our aim is to build and expand both domestic and export markets significantly compared to the present day.

Based on the members’ common, commercial needs, Plantebranchen facilitates sparring and dialogue between members and the industry’s other actors, organizations and NGOs. We focus precisely on creating strong relationships between the industry’s actors, which can act as a springboard for good partnerships. As a member, you thereby have the opportunity to influence the industry’s development in the direction that serves you best. 

Do you have other ideas for how your company and Plantebranchen can work together to promote Danish, plant-based foods? Read more about collaboration opportunities or contact the secretariat directly.

Green industry

Why we need more plants

The government’s climate act, the development potential in Danish agriculture, the growth in the market for plant-based products and new consumer trends all point to a market for plant-based foods with unrealized growth potential. Not only the Danish market has potential – an export adventure awaits the Danish companies.

A thriving domestic market serves as the foundation for Danish producers of plant-based foods, but the potential for expansion through exports is equally promising. With Denmark’s dedicated focus on plant-based foods, we envision our nation as a pioneering force, poised to lead the way in organic, plant-based food expertise.

And why more plants? In 2100, we will have to feed more than 11 billion people. With more plants, we can produce food for more people in a way that is both environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. A more plant-based diet is in line with the official Dietary Guidelines, which were developed on the basis of research and advice from the DTU Food Institute and guide the consumer to food and drink that is healthy and at the same time climate-friendly. 

At Plantebranchen, we bring together the country’s most progressive and future-oriented plant-based companies, who all share the vision of making the world greener through food. As a voice and gathering point for producers and importers of plant-based foods, Plantebranchen will promote the development, production and sale of green foods, which are grown with respect for the climate, nature and human health.

What do you get as a member?

The member benefits are divided according to Plantebranchen’s three strategic core areas: influence, market development and community.

Strategic focus areas

Plantebranchen works strategically with three central core areas.

As a spokesperson for Denmark’s most progressive companies, which will be at the forefront of the development towards more sustainable food production, Plantebranchen works purposefully to put the plant-based industry in the spotlight. Built on the vision of making the world greener through food, we bring together the plant-based value chain in one association to strengthen the industry’s position and impact.

Plantebranchen’s strength lies in its exclusive commitment to advocating for the collective business interests of our members, actively fostering the growth, production, and commercialization of green food. As a democratic association, the members take part in the decision-making process on which topics we tackle. The work to fulfill the association’s purpose is always based on three core strategic areas:



We represent our members interests in the decisive forums.


Market development

We work purposefully to put our industry on the agenda.



We focus on creating relationships between market players.

The values of Plantebranchen


We want to make the world greener through food.


As a mouthpiece and gathering point for producers and importers of plant-based foods, we will promote the development, production and sale of green foods that are grown with respect for the climate, nature and people’s health.


The purpose of Plantebranchen is to look after the members’ common professional interests within plant-based foods, both among themselves and in relation to authorities, organizations, consumers and other relevant actors. Moreover, the Plantebranchen aims to create and maintain a good reputation for plant-based foods in Danish society.

Do you want to join?

The industry needs you – take responsibility for the plant-based industry and become a member here.