Market development

Strategic focus area


Plantebranchen is represented in all the crucial forums where project support for plant-based foods is discussed, developed and provided. We work purposefully to spotlight our industry and are particularly focused on ensuring that the projects to be developed under the ongoing state fund (The Plant-based Food Grant) prioritize market and product development. Our aim is to build and expand both domestic and export markets significantly compared to the present day.

The popularity of plant-based foods is rising, both at home and abroad. Although the market for these products is expanding in Denmark, there’s still plenty of room for improvement in terms of availability and consumption to make them economically appealing. At Plantebranchen, we’re dedicated to unlocking this unexplored potential.Through strategic sales promotion efforts, we aim to foster the development, production, and accessibility of green food options.

We also extend our vision beyond Denmark’s borders, working hand in hand with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to explore opportunities for Danish products abroad. At Plantebranchen, we’re deeply invested in getting personally involved in export projects that directly support our members’ ambitions. In key export destinations like Sweden, Great Britain, and Germany, the demand for plant-based products is growing. Now is the time for us to step up and elevate Denmark’s plant-based foods to a prominent international position.

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