Privacy Policy

Plantebranchen’s processing of personal data

General rules

Plantebranchen is a Danish industry organization for companies that import, manufacture and/or market 100% plant-based foods.

Plantebranchen’s secretariat and other tasks are handled by Zofus Konsultenfirma CVR 13715777 and in addition to the present set of rules, the rules laid down in Zofus regarding the handling of personal data protection apply.
All Plantebranchen’s employees are employed by Zofus, through which they are subject to a duty of confidentiality, and are instructed that codes for PCs and case systems are strictly personal. They are also instructed that Plantebranchen’s email and case system etc. may not be used for private correspondence, and that private email accounts may not be used for correspondence concerning Plantebranchen.

The personal data that is registered with Plantebranchen is “Ordinary personal data” under which, according to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, i.a. hears questions regarding name, address, date of birth, work telephone, work area and position, etc.

Plantebranchen never processes personal information.


The purpose of registering personal data in Plantebranchen is to be able to safeguard the interests that are necessary for Plantebranchen to function according to its purpose and to be able to keep Plantebranchen in operation. In relation to being able to look after the interests of the Plantebranchen, necessary contact information is registered for the relevant and necessary networks for the processing of the case, e.g. authorities, persons in relevant industry networks, members of the Danish Parliament and other relevant actors. In relation to ensuring the operations of Plantebranchen, correspondingly necessary and relevant persons are registered with members, suppliers, etc. Registration takes place primarily in Plantebranchen’s contact database, cf. below.

Contact database

All persons with whom Plantebranchen is in written contact are listed with name and other contact information in the form of e.g. email address, telephone number and postal address in a contact database that is supplied and hosted by Semphor CVR 16589403. To ensure compliance with the personal data regulations, data processing agreement with Semaphor. It is assumed that Semaphor complies with the terms of the agreement.

Persons associated with a legal person in the form of a company or organization etc. will be listed in the contact database under the name of the legal person. A person associated with several legal entities will, as a rule, be listed for each legal entity. The organization also maintains a list of members, which is stored in the case database. The list contains the names and contact details of the people who represent the organisation’s member companies. The list will be continuously distributed to these people with a view to updating etc.

Case database

A case in Plantebranchen’s case system consists of the correspondence and the documents to which the case relates, cf. below about the case database. The case is assigned a consecutive number and a heading that tells what the case is about. If necessary, a physical case with the same serial number is also created. The combination of electronic files and physical files make up the complete case. The physical file is kept in a locked cabinet at Plantebranchen’s address. The office is secured with an alarm system. Since it is an office community, other employees in the office community have access to the premises.

Correspondence and other files relating to or involving persons in the contact database appear in a case database also provided and hosted by Semaphor. The content of the contact database and the case database will always be able to provide documentation on what the Plant Branch has registered of searchable information about a specific person. Zofus’ staff are thus carefully instructed that they may only work via the case database and may under no circumstances store files etc. on the PC’s “desktop” etc.

Exchange and delivery of personal registration information

Registered personal data will always be available to the registered person on request. In connection with Plantebranchen’s case processing, it may be necessary and relevant to exchange information, which also includes personal data, e.g. if a received letter or email from an employee of a company or authority is forwarded as part of an information or inquiry. As a starting point, the employee in question will not be informed about this.

Telephone and SMS

All telephone contact takes place via mobile phone. Information about people with whom Plantebranchen’s employees are in telephone contact will or may be stored on the phone or with the telecommunications provider, without Plantebranchen having any influence on this. In the case of inquiries from persons who want information about such registrations, the Plant Branch can assist with giving consent. The same applies to
SMS correspondence.

People with whom Plantebranchen is in regular contact can be listed in the contact database on the individual employee’s mobile phone. As a rule, no information about this is given to the person concerned. All Zofus employees are carefully instructed to continuously clean up and delete such contacts when they are no longer relevant.


Plantebranchen’s website is hosted by One Com A/S. A data processing agreement has been entered into with One Com A/S. It is assumed that One Com A/S complies with the terms of the agreement.
An agreement has been entered into regarding backup etc. with the supplier of the website DEL2 v. Marie Wandel Kampmann. A data processing agreement has been entered into with DEL 2. It is assumed that DEL2 complies with the terms of the agreement.

The website can contain links to various reports etc., all of which are already available online. These reports etc. are reproduced without responsibility for any personal data they may contain. If Plantebranchen receives an inquiry from such listed persons about the deletion of listed personal data, deletion or anonymisation will take place without undue delay.

Contact persons for the organization’s members do not appear on the website.

In connection with visits to the website, data of a different nature, including IP addresses, may be left at One Com A/S. One Com has stated in writing that IP addresses are only stored in connection with the storage of access logs for a web hotel, and these are deleted after 30 days. The IP addresses of visitors on a website are only used for statistics on which countries access the website, and these logs are not stored or stored. No cookies are used in connection with the website.


Plantebranchen’s bookkeeping is handled by Zofus Konsultenfirma, cf. above.

Personal data may appear in Plantebranchen’s bookkeeping system, e.g. about personnel at suppliers. The bookkeeping system is provided by Visma e-conomic. We assume that Visma e-conomic complies with its own guidelines. It is not possible to search for e.g. a supplier employee’s name on a physical invoice in the bookkeeping system. All accounting documents are kept in a locked cabinet.

Information in the bookkeeping will be made available to Plantebranchen’s auditor. No special steps have been taken in relation to the auditor in relation to the protection of personal data, as the auditor is already subject to such rules.

The plant branch’s bank connection Danske Bank A/S has access to all information linked to the plant branch’s accounts in the bank. No special steps have been taken in relation to the bank in relation to the protection of personal data, as the bank is already subject to such rules. Accounting documents will be stored in accordance with the rules of the law.

Archiving and deletion

When a case is closed, the electronic case will be closed in the case database and will be moved to an overview of archived cases. The contact information in the contact database will be deleted at the same time, unless it is or may become relevant for other cases.

The physical case will be placed on file, which is secured with an alarm system. Plantebranchen intends to enter into an agreement with the Business Archives on historical safeguarding of the organisation’s work, which is why both physical files and e-files are and in the future will be transferred to the Business Archive.

The business archive has previously stated:

“Both ordinary and sensitive personal data, digital and on paper, can be submitted for storage in the National Archives, cf. Section 14 of the Data Protection Act, as archiving is equated with deletion in terms of data protection. The archived information will no longer be immediately usable for purposes that have consequences for the registered persons, but rather for scientific, statistical and historical research purposes.
At the National Archives, both physical and electronic archive material is stored in such a way that there is no access to the material for the public.

When material from private organizations is handed over to the National Archives, the availability deadlines and conditions deemed necessary in the particular case are determined in each case in consultation with the donor and at his request.

As far as the [Plant Branch] is concerned, it has been agreed upon delivery that accessibility follows the Archives Act. This means that personal information is not immediately available until they are 75 years old. Until the material is 75 years old, there will only be access to material with a dispensation from the National Archives, granted/not granted on the basis of a written application. If access to the material is granted, it is on the condition that the user signs, among other things, that sensitive personal information is not passed on except in anonymized form and that no contact is made with persons mentioned in the material.
For general information about GDPR and archiving see also:

Other suppliers that may store personal data

For managing projects and tasks, overview of potential members, etc. the following suppliers are used, all of whom have rules for the administration of personal data
Canva –
Slack –
Trello –
Google Drive –
Mailchimp –

We assume that the suppliers comply with their own guidelines.

Insights and complaints

These rules on Plantebranchen’s processing of personal data have been published on Plantebranchen’s website in early 2023. From now on, emails from Plantebranchen will contain a reference to the rules. The rules will be adjusted as work routines may change or as a result of changes/developments in personal data law. Such adjustments will not necessarily be made available to Plantebranchen’s contacts.

The new rules give the registered persons a number of rights, not least regarding insight into what is registered, as well as the right to demand that information be corrected and/or deleted. For more information about these rights, please contact Plantebranchen.

If you would like to complain about Plantebranchen’s processing of personal data, you can contact the Danish Data Protection Authority at

Version I: 23 September 2019
Version II: February 14, 2023