Technical Committee contributes to a developing Danish market. With the capacities of the Technical Committee, the entire brain trust that exists, it makes good sense that Plantebranchen’s Technical Committee is taken seriously in so many different aspects and by so many institutions.

Alex Pichardt, member of the Technical Committee, CEO at MicroGreens

Technical Committee

What is it?

The Technical Committee consists of representatives from Plantebranchen’s member companies (all members are welcome!) and helps to ensure that Plantebranchen is always one step ahead of the political agenda. The committee’s work is based on the association’s strategic focus areas, and the committee is an important measure for Plantebranchen to function according to its purpose. 

In line with Plantebranchen’s objectives, the Technical Committee works for the equality of plant-based foods with animal-based foods. 


Prepares proposals for the board, undertakes tasks assigned by the board, monitors hearings, submits hearing responses, works on establishing a network for the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

The committee’s secretary (currently Frederik Madsen, Plantebranchen) monitors hearings from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and the Special Committees for Food and Environment – and all relevant hearings are sent to the committee members, who assess to what extent Plantebranchen should get involved with consultation responses.


All members of Plantebranchen are invited to participate in the Technical Committee and contribute with knowledge, experience and skills. It is expected that committee members have a background in nutrition, food technology, food legislation, public affairs or another relevant field. Is there an obvious representative from your company who will contribute to the committee’s work? This representative does not have to be Plantebranchen’s contact person at your company – but can be another relevant representative.

What does it require of you?

  • Participation in four annual (online) meetings
  • Participation in meetings for current matters that require urgent actions
  • Have an eye on current hearings and other things that can be taken up in the committee
  • Represent Plantebranchen in relevant working groups (e.g. through EAPF)
  • A desire for discussion, commitment and a will to change the food system!


Get in touch with the secretariat right away – and we’ll answer you questions!

I am part of the Technical Committee primarily to learn and absorb knowledge and energy, but clearly also to provide a third-party opinion. I feel it is relevant for someone like me, who is perhaps more down to earth, to also be able to provide input and issues.

Alex Pichardt, member of the Technical Committee, CEO at MicroGreens