Strategic focus area


Based on the members’ common, commercial needs, Plantebranchen facilitates sparring and dialogue between members and the industry’s other actors, organizations and NGOs. Our priority is to facilitate the development of solid bonds between industry actors, paving the way for meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships. Through good partnerships, our members get the opportunity to influence the industry’s development in the direction that serves them best.

Plantebranchen fosters collaboration and safeguards the interests of enterprises throughout every phase of the plant-based value chain. The heart of Plantebranchen’s ability to fulfill its mission lies within its community. The strength of Plantebranchen is rooted in the members’ collective enthusiasm to unite, exchange knowledge and experiences, and stand in solidarity behind shared beliefs. It is through this sense of community that we elevate the entire industry.

Several times a year, Plantebranchen invites their members and other industry actors to network events, conferences, seminars and social gatherings. We are also committed to inspiring our members to engage in external events that are relevant to our shared purpose. We actively encourage member companies to host gatherings where the rest of the association can come together, offering our support to facilitate discussions about their experiences, challenges, and barriers.We are also eager to hear from members on how we can continue to develop and benefit from our community.

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Project Manager Stella Staunstrup about the project “Eat plants together”:

Strengthening relationships within the industry means improving connections throughout the chain, from producers to consumers. The project “Spis Planter Sammen” seeks to bring organic, plant-based producers closer to the Danes, influencing future food culture and fostering closer collaboration among producers and key players in the Danish food industry”

Stella Staunstrup, Project Manager Plantebranchen